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"Melissa Guiseppone of GMG Brokerage Corp. was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and answered all my mother's questions. As a result she was able to make an informative decision in choosing the right insurance policy. Melissa gave us both peace of mind and I am relieved and grateful that my mother's needs will all be met. We highly recommend GMG Brokerage Corp."

"After three weeks of working with Mrs. Guiseppone of GMG Brokerage Corp. we felt we were in sound and professional hands throughout the entire process. Her attentiveness to our phone calls, questions, and emails was reassuring, considering the complex and timely nature of this National Health Care Insurance situation. Without her assistance and outright caring, we honestly feel we could not have navigated the bureaucracy to get the necessary health care he needed. We are deeply appreciative of all of Ms. Guiseppone's humanness and professionalism. We highly recommend her services to all in need of her services and know they will perfectly satisfied by the results."

"Thank you so much for all your help last month, with helping me find new health insurance. I really appreciate all your hard work and hours spent with providing with so much information in a short amount of time. If I ever need to contact you in the future, I will not hesitate to do so. I was very pleased with all your help. Thanks again!"

"Thank you for going above and beyond. You have been so professional and caring and your guidance is very much appreciated."

"Thank you so much for helping me with finding insurance. I appreciate greatly all your time and effort to find a perfect plan. I felt lost before I was reccommended to you. After we met last week, I felt a huge relief, and a weight lifted off me. I will pass along your information to anyone I know looking for insurance with a recommendation that you are sweet, helpful and professional. Thank you again."

"My overall experience with GMG Brokerage Corp. was EXCELLENT. Melissa Guiseppone is very knowledgeable in what she does. I was very pleased and impressed with the service Melissa provided, and how great she made the whole situation for applying for insurance seem so easy (she really made it stress free and no hassle). I know for a fact that in the future if I have have any questions or need help with my health insurance, I will contact Melissa Guiseppone and use GMG Brokerage Corp's services again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!" "My daughter's health insurance plan was defunct due to Obamacare and we had decided to roll into what they offered. This turned out to be a very poor plan. Negotiating the "marketplace" was difficult so we decided to find a broker in our area. So Angie's List to the rescue. Melissa Guiseppone was fabulous. She is knowledgeable, told us everything we needed to know and did all the leg work to get my daughter insured. We are still not done but Melissa perseveres and keeps us informed all the way. So glad we got a pro to help us."

"GMG Brokerage has acted as our Health Benefits Broker for almost 20 Years. During that period they have consistently provided us with health coverage options for our group of over 100 employees, presenting plan options, as well as doctor and hospital options that best meet the needs of our employees and families."